Sleep Primes the Soul

Even as the body sleeps
Its mind subtly disturbs its peace
The mind replays, rewinds, fast forwards, no time.
Sorts and stores: the stories it told.
Sifts and sinks: the patterns it finds.
Swings and sings: the playful rhyme.
All from what you daily prime.

The routines
and rituals,
The practices
and habits,
Each part you participate,
entertain and engage
You embody,
Form a cage.

What depth is your level of connection
With conscious correction?
What is it you collect,
hold or contain,
from these curious crimes?

Let go of perfection,
open your perception.
Cut the chains,
off what you self-refrain.
Release your wild.
Set curious free!

To dream,
To play,
To uncover each new day.
With different stories,
Helpful patterns,
and mindful rhymes.
You choose
What you daily prime.