About Me

Hi, I’m Simon Asmus creator and founder of Prime Your Being.

The Purpose of Prime Your Being is to be a beacon of inspiration and encouragement towards personal illumination for those who seek greatness to tap into the richest resources we each have within our being.

On this website, I will openly and creatively share all of my personal insights, strategies, and resources that I continue to discover and have made a significant and measurable impact in the quality of my life. Many of these may be of great value for you as well. My Story:

Here’s a little about me: My life is about quality; being authentic in mind, body, and soul. Ultimately, living with a heart full with passion, purpose and openness. I’m an artist, life coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, TRX Team coach, fitness professional, lifestyle designer, world traveller and a loving husband. I feel extremely blessed for the life I live.

  • Graduated from Queen’s University.
  • Bachelor of Fine Art(Honours) Special Field Concentration in Sculpture and Printmaking
  • Minor in Art History.
  • 5+ years in the corporate fitness industry as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Team Coach – Sculpting bodies, and nurturing minds towards healthy and active living.
  • Continuously learning, mastering skills and creating a diverse collection of unique insights and understanding of life from every experience and interaction.



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